How to measure ring size in India

How to Find Your Ring Size in India - Indian Ring Size Chart

Ever come across an absolutely baller-looking ring online and just knew you had to have it on your finger? But… then you found yourself wondering what size would work best for you… quite an annoying situation to be in, right? Don’t worry, from now onwards, we’ve got you covered in that area.

We’re bringing you the only ring size chart you’ll ever need, Indian or international. And we’ll even show you how your ring size is measured, so that you can do it yourself too.

Btw, if you want to skip directly into the way to measure your ring size without specialized tools, click here.

How to calculate ring size in India?

There are a few ways to measure your ring size, we’re going to go over two of them here.

Using a ring sizing tool

There are two types of ring sizing tools that you could use. Both of these tools are really affordable and you can find them for under Rs. 500. One of these tools is a very thin measuring tape or belt in the shape of a ring that you could wear around your finger and tighten or loosen to fit it right. This would show you your size directly according to whichever country’s sizes the tool is calibrated in.

Ring Size Measurement Belt
Ring sizing belt (Source - Amazon)

The second tool is basically a set of metal loops on a keyring. These loops can be worn on your finger and they have the corresponding ring size marked on them.

Metal Ring Sizing Loops

Metal Ring Sizing Loops (Source - Amazon)

Measuring your ring size at home (without a specialized tool)

If you've ever wondered how to check your ring size at home in India, this section has got you covered. The tools are pretty easy to use, but let’s be honest, unless you’ve got to figure out ring sizes for a lot of people, you don’t really need to buy one. You can just figure out your ring size using things that you already have at home (yep, you don’t need to spend a single rupee to figure out your ring size yourself).

All you gotta do is take a piece of string, floss, or even a strip of paper and wrap it around the base of your finger (or wherever you want the ring to sit). Now mark the places where the string, floss, or paper overlaps on your finger to form a circle (mark the start and the end). After marking it, you just need to straighten the strip out and measure it against a ruler to find out the circumference of your finger. Be sure to measure it in millimeters (mm). If your knuckle on that finger is larger than the base of your finger, measure the size of your knuckle too so that you can pick rings in a size that is easy to wear and remove

When you’ve got the circumference of your finger, compare it with the size chart below this paragraph to see what your ring size is. That’s it.

Ring Sizing Chart (Indian and International)

This Ring size chart will help you measure your ring size and will even enable you to compare Indian ring sizes to US ring sizes (our rings are sized according to US sizes).

Finger Circumference (mm)

Indian Size

USA/Canada Size (Blingkyng Ring Size)

41 mm



42 mm



43 mm


2, 3

44 mm



45 mm


3, 4

46 mm



47 mm



48 mm


4, 5

49 mm



50 mm


5, 6

51 mm



52 mm



53 mm


6, 7

54 mm



55 mm


7, 8

56 mm



57 mm


8, 9

58 mm



59 mm


9, 10

60 mm



61 mm


10, 11

62 mm


10, 11

63 mm



64 mm


11, 12

65 mm



Ring Sizing FAQs

What’s the average ring size in India?

The average ring size for women in India is between Indian sizes 9 & 14 (which is between US and Blingkyng size 5 & 7).

The average ring size for men in India is between Indian sizes 17 & 22 (which is between US & Blingkyng size 8 & 11)

What do you do if your size falls between two US sizes ?

If you’ve got an option between two US sizes, you should probably go for the larger size so that it is easier for you to slip the ring on and off.


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