How to wear mens rings

How to wear mens rings like a boss - styling rings for guys

Quite a few men shy away from wearing rings because they’re worried about coming off as effeminate. Firstly, who gives a damn? If it makes you feel great, go ahead and wear it. Secondly, these guys don’t realize that men’s rings have historically been a symbol of power and identity. The Pharaohs of Egypt and the Emperors of Rome, they all used signet rings to signify power and authority.

Mens rings were never just a way of showing that you’re married, they’ve always been so much more than that. When you learn how to wear mens rings tastefully, you’re going to exude power and prestige, making you stand out from the rest of the guys.

So, I’m going to break down 5 tips that will show you the best ways to style rings for guys.

Some people consider these to be rules, but I’d say that it’d be better for you to look at them as suggestions instead. Afterall, the best way to break rules tastefully is when you understand them.

5 Ring Styling Tips for Men

Match your metals

Generally, you’d want to make sure that if you’re dripped out in a silver toned necklace, your watch, bracelet, and ring also have silver tones. The same applies for gold tones… or even if you’re wearing all-black jewelry.

There’s a way around this that lets you incorporate different toned metals while still keeping your overall outfit looking clean - wear one piece that has both tones, and all your other pieces can be in either of those tones.


Complement your skin tone

Silver looks better than gold on some people, but on others, gold just looks fantastic. How do you know which one is going to look better on you? All you gotta do is figure out whether your skin tone is warm or cool.

How do you do that? In natural light, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they seem bluish or purplish, you have a cool skin tone. If they appear greenish, you have a warm skin tone. There’s also a chance that you might not be able to clearly tell whether your veins look more greenish or bluish, in that case, you might have a neutral skin tone.

Gold generally looks better on people with warm skin tones, while silver tends to look great on people with cool skin tones. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can go either way.


Keep things proportionate

Let’s say you found a really stylish mens ring… but you’ve got massive fingers and the ring is too thin and small. Even if it fits on your fingers, that ring would look dainty on you, you’d want to see if you could size up. You want to try getting rings that match the size of your fingers, neither too small nor too huge for them.

Chunky rings are, by default, going to look better on bigger dudes, while thin rings are going to look more stylish on leaner men.


Balance your bling

You’d want to space out your jewelry and spread it evenly across both your hands so that your look seems more balanced. It’s not the best idea to slap on a watch, 7 bracelets, and 5 rings on one hand, leaving the other one bare.

Got a watch on one hand? Wear a bracelet on the other, and a couple of rings on each hand, spaced out from each other.


Rock your ring with confidence

The only way you’re ever gonna look like a king is by believing that you look like one. You got to feel like an alpha while you’re wearing your rings. Walk into every room feeling that you’re the hottest, baddest man in there, confidence makes or breaks your look.

If you act shy and seem worried about how your rings look on you, people will pick up on your discomfort. When you wear your rings, you should feel like a Viking sporting his newest plunder, or noble lord with a province to rule. When you feel like a winner, you look like a winner.


Now that you’ve understood these men’s ring styling tips, let’s get into a couple of basic questions about wearing mens rings:

FAQs about wearing mens rings


What finger should a man wear a ring on for style?

The short answer is that if you’re a man wearing a ring simply for the purpose of style and aesthetic appeal, you get to go crazy with it. Just avoid wearing it on the finger where you would otherwise wear a wedding band, unless you feel the urge to fool all the unlucky girls (or guys) around you into thinking you’re off limits.

Now, there sure are some meanings traditionally associated with wearing mens rings on specific fingers, and we’ll get into them, but it’s 2022, these ‘rules’ don’t matter as much as they used to back in the day.



Your index finger is the most dominant finger. It’s super active, which by default, means it’s more visible than the rest of your fingers. Traditionally, this was where you’d wear the ring that you want to call the most attention towards, like a signet ring or a family crest. Today, if you want to sport a ring that speaks the most about your personality and shows the world who you are, your index finger would be a good spot to wear it.

There’s one tiny thing you’d want to keep in mind though, if you’re doing work like typing, you might want to shift your ring to another finger till you’re done (or place it on your desk where people can see it and ask you about it).



Think of your thumb as the Shaquille O’Neal of your hand. It’s big, strong, and definitely knows how to put some serious bling on display. There also is the fact that it is separated from the rest of your fingers, and only a very small number of men will actually end up wearing a thumb ring, so it’s perfect for rocking a statement ring.



Most men just don’t realize that they can wear a ring on their middle finger, so if you wear one, you’re standing out immediately (and not just because you could look fashionable while flipping someone off… just kidding). It’s a great place to rock a ring solo because it’s at a central location on your hand and creates a balance when you’re not wearing a ring on any other finger. You might not want to wear something extremely chunky here because it’s right beside your index finger, so a big ring could feel a bit weird when you’re working. You might want to wear a smaller ring on a work day and a bigger manly ring when you’re chilling with the homies or stopping by at the bar.



Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat - the mere fact that you wear a pinky ring is not enough to make the world think you’re The Godfather. In your head, you might still associate pinky rings with the mafia, but today it’s perfectly fine for you to pull one off just for the aesthetics. It’s also far enough from your thumb and index finger for you to rock a ring on one of those along with a pinky ring and still have a well-balanced look.



Most men only end up wearing rings on this finger, but that’s almost always their wedding ring. The wedding ring is worn on this finger because it was believed to be the only finger that has an unbroken vein that leads directly to your heart, the vena amoris, but that’s just a romanticized concept. If you’re wondering which hand is the wedding ring worn on, that tends to differ across cultures. In India, you’d generally find it worn on the right hand, but with globalization, some Indians even wear it on their left hand, which is where it is worn in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada.


How many rings should guys wear?

If you find yourself asking this question, hold up… it’s time to ask yourself a whole different question - How many rings are you comfortable wearing?

If you’re new to rings, you should start with one. Get the feel of it on your skin. Once you build up some confidence, you could rock another one (or more), but space it out a bit. You’d probably not want to have 1 finger covered in 5 rings and the others left absolutely bare.

It also depends on the setting you’re wearing your rings in. If you’re a finance bro and find yourself wearing formals all day, a ring on each hand could be enough to make you stand out from the crowd, without seeming too loud. But if you work in a creative environment, or you’re headed to the skatepark, club, or an underground rap battle, the world’s your oyster, flaunt as many rings as you’re comfortable wearing, go out and be the Gigachad you know you are.


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