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Mens Pendant Necklaces - How to Rock Them Like a KING

As men, wearing pendant necklaces is one of the easiest ways for us to take our style up a few notches. Rock one that’s just noticeable (and interesting) enough and you could effortlessly elevate yourself from a 7 to a 9.5 on the hotness scale.
Now you’re probably wondering whether that’s just a tall claim, right? Don’t worry, I’ll explain why it isn’t.
Most guys are just walking around without any bling on them. Now they may look good, but that isn’t enough… there’s a lot of guys who just look good, trust me, the women are spoilt for choice in that department. They meet a lot of guys who look good, so if you want to catch their eye, you’ve gotta stand out. You ain’t just gotta look good, that doesn’t cut it anymore. What you’re going to have to do is look interesting as well.
An interesting pendant necklace is a great way to peak a person’s curiosity. If someone sees it, there’s a good chance that they’re going to ask you about it, especially if there’s a reason you wear it. Now if you show that you’re attractive and interesting, that’s just hot.

Tips for men wearing pendant necklaces

Find a pendant that lets you express yourself

It’s always a good idea to wear jewelry that allows you to highlight something about yourself. If you want to find people who have passions similar to yours, maybe wear a pendant that has something to do with your passion.
You could even find a pendant that signifies certain personality traits. For example, wearing the Alpha Wolf pendant could subliminally show people that you’re a natural leader, or wearing the Spaceman Pendant Necklace could show that you want to explore the entire universe.
Wolf pendant necklace for men

Craft a story around it

If you wear an interesting looking pendant, you can bet that people are going to ask you about it. It’s also fairly possible that they’re going to ask whether the pendant has any significance, or whether there’s a reason you wear it.
Sure, you could just say “I just wear it for the aesthetics”, but the conversation could end too soon with that. If you want to get people hooked, weave a story around it. Add some depth to it. If you’ve watched the Rocky series, you’ve seen that his trainer, Micky, gave him a pendant necklace that he got from the legendary boxer, Rocky Marciano. That’s what makes the pendant so much more interesting.
The story doesn’t even need to involve it being passed on from someone else. Maybe you’re had a life changing experience and you’ve got a pendant to remind you of it, maybe you’ve got a pendant that reminds you of your spirit animal… whatever you do, just try to make sure you have something cool to say about your pendant, that’s going to make you seem far more interesting than the average dude.

Determine the length according to your top

This one’s fairly simple. If you’re rocking the pendant under a button up shirt with the first button open, you’d want to wear a smaller pendant with a tighter chain. If you’re being a badass and balling out with 2 or more buttons open (like me), you can go with a small to medium sized pendant with a chain that reaches down to your collarbone (this would usually be around 20-22 inches or 50-55cm).
But when you’re wearing something like a crew neck t-shirt or sweatshirt, you can break out the bigger pendants and chains, since you’re going to be wearing them over the t-shirt (or sweatshirt).

Wear situationally appropriate bling

If you work a job with a conservative dress code, you probably wouldn’t want to wear the same necklaces there as you would at a nightclub (but if you do, more power to you). Here’s a guideline (not a rule) that you should consider following - the more formal the situation, the more subtle the bling.
Another thing to note is that when you’re in a situation where your necklace could get caught in something (for example, a pickup basketball game where it could get caught in a defender’s hand), you might want to wear a shorter chain, so that there’s less of it getting caught or entangled in anything.

FAQs about men's pendants

Should men wear a pendant?

The answer to this is ridiculously simple - why the heck not? If something makes you look like a baller and feel like a king, why would you even wonder whether you should wear it? A mens necklace with a pendant can add a dash of pizzazz to your outfit, and can even let you highlight aspects of your personality.
So, should men wear pendant necklaces? Undoubtedly, YES!

Why do men wear pendants?

There are many reasons why a man could choose to wear a pendant necklace. We’re going to get into a few of them here.

1. Highlighting their passions

If a guy is extremely passionate about something, he’s going to want the people around him to know about that. He’s also going to want to meet new people who share his passion. Let’s say you’re in love with boxing. If you rock a boxing glove pendant necklace, another person who enjoys the sport will see it and automatically know that you’re someone they’ll get along with. Boom… you’ve got a new friend!
boxing glove pendant necklace for men

2. Pride in their profession

A dude who’s proud about the work he does will not hesitate to go around wearing a pendant that makes it easier for people to guess his profession. That’s why it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a pilot wearing a plane pendant or a sailor wearing an anchor pendant.

3. Conversation starters

Sometimes a cool person notices you, but doesn’t know what to say to you. They might just not end up approaching you at all, and you’d end up missing out on meeting someone who could be rather amazing. But if you’re wearing an eye-catching pendant, you’re offering them the opportunity to talk to you about it.

4. Standing out from the crowd

In a room full of boring guys that aren’t wearing any bling, you’re definitely going to stand out and catch people’s attention if you’re the dude who’s dripped out in a cool pendant necklace.

5. Religious reasons

A lot of men wear pendants with religious symbols; sometimes because they want to showcase their beliefs, or because they believe that it will protect them and/or bring them fortune. Quite a few men just wear them because it makes them feel closer to God.

What is a good size for a pendant?

The size of the actual pendant for a mens necklace depends on how formal the occasion is and whether you want to use it as a statement piece. You can go for a small pendant if you’re wearing a button down shirt with one button open. If you’re letting the second button loose too, you can experiment with a slightly larger pendant, but not something too big. I’d suggest rocking larger pendants only with crew neck t-shirts or sweatshirts. These pendants can look particularly eye-catching if the t-shirt or sweatshirt is solid-colored.

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